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Welcome to the “Mamalouka Foreign Languages Schools”. The Schools are located in the Pylea district of Thessaloniki and are active in the sector of foreign language education for the past 20 years.

Based on our love for learning, on our dream to offer high quality education and on securing the success of our learners in the exams, we have managed to establish ourselves in the field.

Our schools are the first in Greece to have been professionally and educationally certified with the H-CQLE 2004 Educational and Organizational Quality Certificate. What is more, they are members of the Anglo-Hellenic Institute, which is licensed by the University of Cambridge ESOL examinations, and they are also examination centres for the Cambridge Young Learners certificates. In addition, they follow the European Union educational standards.

All these years our goal has been the securing of a thorough learning of the foreign language through pedagogical and cultural activities, as well as the constant upgrading and specialization of services.

The success of our programme is based upon the experiential learning of the foreign language but mainly on the anthropocentric approach of the learner. This has as a result for the student to recognize their capabilities in the outmost possible level, to conquer the foreign language in confidence and to use it as a mother tongue. The learner is familiarized and develops from an early age all the essential techniques for the acquisition of certificates (listening, reading, writing & speaking skills). But the most important thing of all is that our learners have a good time in a friendly environment, creatively learning foreign languages !!!

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