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Our Mentality

Having a 20 year course in the sector of foreign education, our goal has always been and still is to make children love knowledge. Not only the knowledge of the foreign language, but also the knowledge which is useful for life. Recognizing that every person is different in the way that they assimilate knowledge, we created an educational programme that covers the cognitive needs of each school either for boys or girls, University students or adults.

The holistic approach that is characteristic of the “Mamalouka Teaching System”, concerns activities that cover three cognitive types the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. With respect for the learner, a sense of responsibility and always offering quality services we have managed to combine the traditional teaching method with the holistic approach so that teaching is characterized by efficiency, vitality, creativity, our ultimate goal being of course the safeguarding of success in the certificate examinations.

Our vision is for all children to learn! The “Mamalouka Foreign Languages Schools” are non–formal educational centres. They operate with the advancement and development of the students’ potential in principle.

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